Welcome to Blog WEGO! We’re excited to announce this new fabulous addition and resource for information on our site. We want to keep our fellow pawrents up to date on the latest pet news, training advice, doggy health and fitness, human dog bonding activities, as well as pet nutrition and health during COVID-19 and coronavirus social distancing. 

So why OFF WE GO?

Let’s Go!

We’re all about connecting the healthy lifestyles of people and their pets. Off We Go was started by, and for pet lovers looking for the highest quality, responsibly sourced products to share with their four-legged family members.

Every product we make is developed with your pet’s health in mind, as well as the health of our planet. Our small San Diego family company was born from a mutual desire to create a brand for pet nutrition and products that was not only guilt free, but actually good for our pet’s bodies, for the community, and for the planet.

What started as a collective passion for our own health and fitness, transcended into a passion for our pet’s health and fitness as well. Our hope was to connect those two passions by developing clean-living pet nutrition and products that encourage being active and healthy with our pets.   

All our treats are made with 100% certified organic ingredients, and produced in small local kitchens right alongside our own human healthy treats. We believe in treating our pet’s bodies like our own and that healthy diets and activity are key to ensuring longevity and a good quality of life for our pets.

Giving Back!

Off We Go donates 10% of our net profit to no-kill animal shelters when purchased from www.offwego.co .

We love hearing from pawrents! Send your questions, thoughts, or blog topic suggestions to blog@offwego.co

Happy Woofs!


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