6 Ways to Keep Your Pup Active During The Coronavirus Quarantine

Right now, unless you’re an essential worker, you're probably stuck at home. This isn't just new territory for you, but also for your pup. Things have suddenly and drastically changed for all of us. We have to adapt to this new normal when it comes to our routines, including those with our pets.

Remember… active pets are happy pets!


Here’s our list of 6 ways to stay active with your pup during corona quarantine…

1. Teach your dog a new trick.

That old adage, "you can't teach a dog new tricks" is not true. Dogs are smarter than they sometimes let on, I promise. Don't think so? Tell your dog to do something, if they pretend they can't hear you, open a peanut butter jar and watch how fast they run to you. They're incredibly smart, and (bonus!), they're usually very food motivated. 

Take this time to train them, whether it’s brushing up on tricks they already know, or learning something new, training opportunities can be great fun and exercise. Much like children, dogs need a consistent routine and positive reinforcement.

2. Incorporate activity into your own workouts.

If you’re among the work-from-home quarantine population, your routine has completely changed, including your workout routine. If you were a gym goer before, your new gym has become your home. Whatever workout you choose, if your pup sees that you're having a good time, chances are they'll be curious and want to join in the fun.

If you're doing yoga, your pup will 98% of the time try to jump on you or sit on your mat in the middle of your flow. Same with pushups, core work, or anything on the floor. Any kind of home exercise with pets can be made in to a game. If you do body weight exercises or plyometrics and your dog likes to fetch, throw a ball when you drop down in a jump squat. If you like a good cardio workout, enlist your pup for a game of chase, it’s tons of fun and sure to get your heart rate up.

3 . Build obstacle/agility courses throughout your yard and house.

This keeps dogs active and also builds their confidence. Guide them through obstacles that you've set up. If you have stairs in your home, you can put items on the stairs to create a form of maze. If you have kids, perhaps you have a mini backyard ramp or playground already, but if not, it's easy to set something up to keep your pup active. Create something for them to jump over, crawl under, run up, go around, or simply just "get it!”

4. Get Another Pup Play Pal!

You may have friends that still go to work every day. Offer to host a puppy play date while they’re at work, just make sure to maintain good social distancing practices with the pawrents! This is a great way to keep your pup active and happy!

If you’ve considered bringing another pup into your family, adopting a pet during coronavirus is on the rise and for good reason. Pet owners are home and have the time to work with a new pet. Pets also offer companionship. They can be great stress and anxiety reducers during these unsettling times. Many shelters are now empty because of all the adoptions, which is amazing! Only you know what’s best for your life situation, but if you can and want to add another pup to your family, this just may be the perfect time. Off We Go donates 10% of our net profit to no-kill animal shelters when purchased from www.offwego.co .

5. Take things outdoors.

When you step outside for some vitamin D and fresh air, make sure you bring your pup along. Whether it's for a hike, walk or run, they need and love the activity just as much as we need and love it. Have a pool? Try bringing your pup in with you to see if they like the water and can swim. Most dogs' instinct will allow them to paddle in the water, but just remember, not every breed of dog can swim.

6. Get your kiddos involved.

Your human kiddos, that is. Kids are high energy and love animals! Whether they’re trying to dress up your pup or play games with them, your kiddos are great assets when it comes to keeping the pups active! Let them all play in the yard or run through the sprinklers. 

Make sure you praise your pup for jobs well done with constant pawsitive reinforcement! Break our Off We Go Superfood Bone Broth treat into a few pieces for a simple, healthy reward! Most importantly, be sure to shower them with love and encouragement to ensure they don’t pick up on the stress that we may all be feeling.

We love hearing from pawrents! Send your questions, thoughts, or blog topic suggestions to blog@offwego.co

Happy Woofs!

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