LET’S TALK SERVICE DOGS! 7 Different Types of Service Dogs We Call Heroes!

This week we are singing the praises of the too often unsung heroes in our lives…service dogs. 


People are surprised to learn service dogs can be trained for a variety of jobs, and to help people with a variety of disabilities. This week we are celebrating our four-legged furry heroes by spotlighting 7 different types of service dogs you might have seen out and about.

Before we dive into our list, let’s define what a service dog actually is. Some service dogs are trained to help people with disabilities perform tasks that would otherwise be impossible. Other dogs are trained to detect odors and signs in order to alert their owners, while some service dogs provide emotional support to their human counterparts.


Guide dogs are the service dogs that people tend to be most familiar with. These K-9 superstars provide assistance to the visually impaired or blind. They can perform tasks, warn their owners of danger, and help them navigate obstacles to get from one place to another.

The most common breeds trained to be guide dogs in the United States are Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds.


Seizure response dogs are trained to assist their handlers during and after a seizure. Otherwise known as SRDs, these pups can be taught to perform tasks like triggering an alarm to notify emergency personnel, fetch medication, or physically remove their handlers from danger. Some seizure dogs are even trained to move in a way that will protect the person having a seizure from further injury.


We all know dogs have a good sense of smell, but diabetes assistance dogs have a spectacular sense. Their awesome noses can detect a change in glucose levels in saliva in order to alert their handlers to changes in blood sugar.


Like diabetes assistance dogs, these pups have a super special sense of smell that allows them to pick up scents of possible allergens for people who have severe allergies. Before their handlers gets close enough to just touch the possible allergen, these dogs will alert to prevent exposure and possible anaphylactic shock.


These kind K-9s are trained to provide emotional support to handlers in need, or people suffering from PTSD. These service dogs come in all different breeds, shapes and sizes.


Hearing dogs are trained to help support people who are hard of hearing or deaf. These hearing heroes act as a person’s ears and provide assistance in day to day tasks.


Autism service dogs help people with autism perform certain tasks in order to live a more independent life. They are specially trained to provide support and guidance in daily life.

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Happy Woofs!



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