How to Handle Dog Walks in Bad Weather

Don’t let a little rain or too much sunshine keep you indoors with your fur baby. Just prepare yourself and your pup, and get outside!

The number one thing to always keep in mind is safety for both you and your pet. Just as you would monitor your own reaction to unpleasant weather, watch how your pup is responding as well. Not all breeds are cutout for the Iditarod. Look for signs that your pup might be too cold, like shivering and walking hesitantly. On the flip side, be cautious your precious pooch isn’t over-heating in high temperatures. Signs to be aware of would include lethargic behavior and panting heavily.

Exposing your dog to weather when they are younger is the best way to get them used to it. It’s not always going to be sunny and seventy-five degrees, but many dogs need exercise every day. Of course there will be days when the weather is too extreme or dangerous to be out in, and on those days it’s always better to stay indoors, but when it’s a little warmer or a little colder than perfect, get outside if you can.

One thing that is a must is to bring water for your dog, or go to dog parks or recreation areas where there is water for dogs available. Dogs need water no matter what the temperature is, even when it’s snowing or raining. Be loving and kind. If his fur is thinning, put sunscreen on him. Dogs can get sunburned too. Also, think about investing in doggy rain gear. They have everything from K-9 raincoats to rainboots and sweaters, but make sure to try them on first. Many dogs will not tolerate wearing clothes if they’re not used to it.

Another good idea is to always keep your dog, car, and home clean and dry. Just like us, some pups will fight going on walks if they think it means being wet for four hours afterward.

Finally, bring some organic, healthy human grade OFF WE GO artisanal dog treats with you. Throw a few in a little bag, shove them in your pocket, and be on your way. They’re great for any age or size doggo. This will give your pooch a little calorie and energy reboot, and for many dogs it can help their human counterparts encourage fussy pups in or out of the car, or onto a muddy or wet path.

Sometimes bad weather is unavoidable. It might start raining or snowing when you’re on your normal scheduled walk with your pup, and sometimes it might just be rainy season without a great weather break. You don’t need to deprive your pup of his precious walk because of a little rain. Lack of exercise for some breeds can be even more detrimental than a little soggy fur.

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All our treats are made with 100% certified organic limited, healthy ingredient, and produced in small local kitchens right alongside our own human healthy treats. We believe in treating our pet’s bodies like our own and that healthy diets and activity are key to ensuring longevity and a good quality of life for our pets.

Giving Back!

Off We Go donates 10% of our net profit to no-kill animal shelters when purchased from www.offwego.co 

We love hearing from pawrents! Send your questions, thoughts, or blog topic suggestions to blog@offwego.co


 Happy Woofs!


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